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Rancho Santa Fe has a rich and interesting history. It was established in 1928 as a country residential community with an emphasis on agriculture and preserving the rural landscapes.


The Covenant

The area is commonly referred to as the Covenant. This term refers to an agreement among property owners to preserve and maintain the character of the community and its landscape, and to uphold the quality of future architecture. The agreement came to be known simply as “The Covenant,” and now refers to the community itself in the 92067 zip code.


The Village of Rancho Santa Fe

t the very heart of the Covenant lies the Village of Rancho Santa Fe. The Village was laid out in the 1920’s in the Beaux-Arts style by L.G. Sinnard. It features the earliest buildings constructed under the master plan and established the broad architectural standards that have influenced the style, character, and unity of the Covenant.


The Village covers approximately 50 acres. It is anchored on the west end by the historic Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, a boutique hotel offering a luxurious setting for weekends away, weddings and more. The pedestrian-friendly Village includes gourmet restaurants, upscale shopping, a post office, banking, real estate offices, the library, and lodging.


World Class Lifestyle

Looping through Rancho Santa Fe’s pristine countryside are some of the world’s most prestigious public and private golf courses and country clubs. Moreover, there is an extensive network of private equestrian and hiking trails. Rancho Santa Fe is regarded as one of the country’s most highly desirable and elite places to live. The city is known for its exclusive, secure, rural character combined with its close proximity to the ocean.